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And, the survey says: highlights from our regional community needs assessment

"We wanted to 'go to the source' by having the people in our region tell us which issues they believe are most critical to their communities, what they know about Northland already, and how they want us to engage with them."
-Tony Sertich, President

Late last year, the Northland Foundation administered a Community Needs Assessment, gathering input from people across northeastern Minnesota on what they believe matters most in the region right now.

Survey Highlights

Among the key takeaways from the survey results are the issues respondents identified as most important to the region. The top-ranked choices (on a scale of 1=not at all important, to 4=extremely important) were similar across age groups and counties, with some variations. .
#1 Family-sustaining Jobs
#2 Affordable and Accessible Health Care
#3 Mental Health
#4 Affordable, Available, and Quality Child Care
#5 Affordable, Safe, and Quality Housing

These results also align closely with what Foundation staff and trustees heard last spring and summer in Community Listening Sessions throughout the region, where mental health, affordable housing, and access to child care emerged as top challenges.

top 5 regional issues chart

The Board of Trustees and staff will use the data going forward to inform strategic planning and Northland's work in the region.

Tony Sertich concluded, "We really appreciate that folks made the time to take the survey and to share it with others. The response rate was excellent and the feedback is valuable."