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Infant & Toddler Tip Cards Available for Parents, Care Providers, and Community Members



Infants begin learning from the moment they are born, and they experience more growth between birth and age five than at any other time in life. The infant and toddler years lay the foundation for school and lifelong success.

But, healthy development is not automatic. Infants and toddlers rely on adults to provide loving, consistent care every day. Talking, reading, hugging, and playing are vitally important, both at home and in child care settings.

The Early Childhood Coalitions of northeastern Minnesota have collaborated with the Northland Foundation to produce handy Infant & Toddler Tip Cards. These small cards include facts about the early years and simple, helpful hints on what parents, caregivers, legislators, and the community can do to support our youngest children and promote healthy social and emotional development.

Tip Cards, one version for parents and one for other community members, are available from the region’s 12 Early Childhood Coalitions or upon request from the Northland Foundation.