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KIDS PLUS Receives National Community Education Association Award

The Northland Foundation’s KIDS PLUS Program recently received the 2008 Outstanding Organization Award from the National Community Education Association (NCEA).

“We are honored to have received this award particularly since Community Education has been a key KIDS PLUS partner throughout the years,” said Lynn Haglin, Northland Foundation Vice President and KIDS PLUS Director.

According to the NCEA, the Outstanding Organization Award is presented to an agency, organization, or institution that has exemplified support and service in the development of community education. Granting these annual awards for significant contributions to the field is one way NCEA encourages the development, expansion, and promotion of community education. These awards have historically been granted to those who have shown outstanding leadership or provided continuing service and support to NCEA.

The award was presented during the 43rd Annual NCEA Conference held in November in Dallas, Texas. Chris Olafson, the Lake Superior School District Community Education Coordinator and the local Early Childhood Coordinator, nominated the Northland Foundation.