Grant Program

In 2016-2017, the Grant Program provided financial and technical resources focused within the priorities of Children, Youth, and Families; Aging With Independence; and Opportunities for Self-Reliance.

Neighborhood Youth Services serves up opportunity

In the heart of downtown Duluth, the former Washington Junior High once again reverberates with young voices, imparts learning, and serves up both food and opportunity. Neighborhood Youth Services (NYS) moved into the Washington Center almost a decade ago, continuing a 25-year history as a consistent support for some of the city’s at-risk children and youth.

More than 700 kids grades K-12 access NYS each year. The majority come from cost-burdened households and are children of color in a city that is only 11 percent non-white. The staff of 10, plus volunteers, deliver programs tailored to myriad needs and family circumstances.

“We are a year ‘round, drop-in/drop-out center,” says Princess Awa-ada Kisob, Program Director. “Most kids live within one mile, and the bus can drop them here after school.”

Meals, supervised indoor and outdoor activities, academic support, mental health services, college and career exploration, counselors for adjudicated youth, nurse practitioner visits to answer kids’ health questions … the list of services is long.

In the end, says Kisob, NYS is much more than staff members helping youth. It’s a mutual give-and-take.

“People stick with this work for a long time because of the joy of knowing these kids and families,” continues Kisob. “We’re grateful for the support of the Northland Foundation and so happy to be part of this community.”

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Grants Summary

In 2016-17 we awarded 189 grants totaling $1,468,428 distributed among the following priorities.

49% Children, Youth, and Families:
including 33 Minnesota Power Foundation Youth In Philanthropy grants
108 grants - $729,855

21% Opportunities for Self-Reliance:
32 grants - $307,575

8% Aging/Rural Aging Initiative:
21 grants - $108,000

22% Other including Social Enterprise Initiative, Capacity Building, and Community Vitality:
28 grants - $322,998