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Youth In Philanthropy Grantwriting Checklist

Follow these easy steps to apply for a grant to fund your youth-developed project:

Step 1  

Identify a youth-developed project that includes an adult advisor to provide guidance on the application process and supervision of the project.

Step 2  

Review the grant guidelines and instructions.

Step 3  

Contact the Northland Foundation to discuss your idea to make sure it fits within Northland guidelines before submitting it.

Step 4  

Complete the grant application and budget form. The application must be written by children and youth.

Step 5  

Review the Checklist for Writing Grants.

Step 6  

Submit your application to the Northland Foundation by the deadline.

After completing a grant application, young people may use the following checklist to determine that all the necessary information has been included. Applicants should be able to answer “yes” to each question.


Is all the necessary information about the organization, contact person, and fiscal agent provided on the grant application?


Have you clearly identified the youth/community need and discussed how the project addresses this need?


Is this youth project realistic and “doable”?


Have youth been involved in planning and developing the project?


Has the grant application been written by young people?


Will young people be directly involved in completing the project?


Is there an adult contact person working with the youth on this project?


Can the project be accomplished in the time frame and manner proposed?


Are other community partners contributing time, money, and/or other resources?


Does the budget reflect any fundraising efforts or other sources of support for the project?


If needed, does the project have approval of the school and/or other agencies where it will be carried out?


Is the budget appropriate for the project needs, reflective of other funding support, and added correctly?


Has the grant application been read by someone other than the grant writer(s) to assure information is complete, clear, and correct?


Does the project timeline allow enough time for the Youth In Philanthropy Board to review the application at their next meeting date, as well as process a grant, before work on the project actually begins?

Applicants are encouraged to call the Northland Foundation at any point with questions, concerns, or special needs!

If you have any questions, please email Jan Amys, Program Associate or call her at (218) 723-4040 or 1-800-433-4045.

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