Northland Foundation KIDS PLUS

Early Childhood Resources and Publications

For more information, please contact Lynn Haglin, Northland Foundation Vice President/KIDS PLUS Director. A number of publications about the Early Childhood Initiative are also available for download:

  • materialsGetting School Ready in Minnesota is a short, easy-to-read booklet to help parents and other caregivers better understand the milestones that help chlidren be ready for kindergarten and ways to help preschoolers be ready to begin school. The booklet has been distributed statewide to more than 100,000 families at their child's early childhood screening and has been newly updated in September 2016. It is available for school districts and other partners to order at $.40 each + shipping.
  • Math and Language Tip Cards for parents or other caregivers are 4 in. by 11 in. with tips for everyday activities to support children's learning and development in language/literacy and math/numeracy. One side lists tips for 4 year olds and the other for 5 year olds. They are available for school districts and other partners to order at $.20 each + shipping.
  • The Early Word is a semi-annual electronic newsletter about early childhood news. To read the most recent issue, click here.
  • The Northland Foundation partnered with Molly Harney, Ed.D., to prepare a report sharing PreK-3rd Grade Success Stories Across Northeastern Minnesota 2014-2015 which occurred with support from grants made to Early Childhood Summit district teams.
  • 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative. Page through a special 10-year publication celebrating a decade of dedication and progress in northeastern Minnesota.
  • An 2010 report prepared by Wilder Research, Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative: Impacts and Insights (1mb pdf) identifies model strategies used to address the well-being of young children and assess findings from a survey on the perceived impacts and improvements in early childhood practice, programs, and policies in Greater Minnesota as a result of the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative's work with communities.
  • Two Infant and Toddler Tip Cards were produced as a collaboration amongthe 12 EarlyChildhoodCoalitions of northeastern Minnesota and the Northland Foundation. One card is aimed at Parents or Other Caregivers (296kb pdf) and the other at Community Members (271kb pdf) offering easy-to-follow suggestions for nurturing infants and young children.