Northland Foundation KIDS PLUS

KIDS PLUS 25th Anniversary 1992-2017

The Northland Foundation created the first ten KIDS PLUS Communities in 1992, officially launching our operating program. KIDS PLUS today is a family of programs that have touched tens of thousands of people, of all ages, and collaborated directly with 55 northeastern Minnesota communities to help meet the needs of their children and youth. The sliding timeline shares key KIDS PLUS milestones, achieved in close partnership with community members, coordinators, and funding partners. We thank them all for their past and continuing support!


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Northland-Foundation-KIDS-PLUSAbout the KIDS PLUS Program

Launched by the Northland Foundation in 1990, the overall goal of the KIDS PLUS Program is to improve the well-being of children and youth in northeastern Minnesota. Prior to creating the program, the Foundation conducted extensive research to identify the best approaches to address children and youth issues in the region. The model for community organizing and engagement that Northland developed and has refined over the years has gained national recognition and been the basis for two successful statewide initiatives.

Today KIDS PLUS consists of a family of programs that supports children and youth from birth to adulthood. Underpinning this work is the understanding that by connecting kids with caring adults from all sectors of their community, great things will happen!

KIDS PLUSThe KIDS PLUS focus areas are:

  • technical assistance and support to communities;
  • youth leadership, volunteerism, and philanthropy;
  • convening and training;
  • early childhood development; and
  • connecting youth with older adults.

The Foundation’s Grant Program complements KIDS PLUS by dedicating approximately 60 percent of its annual grant funding to support efforts that strengthen children, youth, and families. The knowledge and years of experience the Northland Foundation has in working directly with communities has contributed to a broad array of opportunities, programs, and resources throughout the region.

Accomplishments of KIDS PLUS

Building resources for children and youth
The Northland Foundation, along with the 26 KIDS PLUS Communities and 12 Early Childhood Coalitions, has leveraged $25 million dollars in resources to benefit children and youth.

Engaging young people in leadership opportunities
Thousands of young people are engaged in meaningful leadership roles in their schools, organizations, and communities.

Strengthening local capacity to support children, youth, and families
More than 40,000 young people and 20,000 adults have worked together to identify specific local needs and design activities and programs to meet those needs.

Creating opportunities for young people to build friendships with older adults
Through initiatives such as AGE to age: bringing generations together and the Reading Pals program, community members of all ages bridge the generations to break down barriers,learn from one another, and create change.

Establishing partnerships to sustain children and youth programming
The Northland Foundation and the network of KIDS PLUS and Early Childhood Communities have developed public and private partnerships at the local, state, and national levels to promote long-term sustainability.