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Celebrating 25 Years of the KIDS PLUS Program

The Northland Foundation launched its first KIDS PLUS community planning process in 10 sites in 1992, helping local residents organize and rally support around children and youth in the after-school hours. Today, the KIDS PLUS Program includes an array of initiatives designed to help meet the needs of children, from birth through adulthood. From early care and education, including support for child care providers and families, to helping high school students develop leadership skills, KIDS PLUS is ever-evolving.

One key ingredient has never changed: the hundreds of caring community members, funders, and donors whose partnership brings KIDS PLUS to life.

Interactive KIDS PLUS Timeline

Take a walk through the years and some of the major KIDS PLUS accomplishments on our 25 Years of Milestones Timeline, shared with our gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations who shine a light on children and youth!

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